Want To Lose The Love Handles? Try This Move!

If the treadmill has become tedious and the bike boring, why not liven up your fitness routine with belly dancing? This ancient art has evolved from the traditional expressive movement to heart-pumping workouts offered in gyms across the country. Aside from working muscles that most people don’t exercise in regular workouts, belly dancing is a great opportunity to learn about the music and traditions of unfamiliar countries and cultures.

In general, dancing of any kind is wonderful for your body. Aerobic exercise promotes general fitness, conditions your heart and respiratory system, stimulates immunity and increases stamina. It also tones your nervous system, reduces stress, helps with balance and coordination (key to preventing falls!), increases oxygen flow throughout the body and gives you a sense of well-being and empowerment. Dancing is one of the best aerobic activities of all because it’s upbeat and enjoyable, and provides a thorough workout.

Seek out a gym or dance studio that teaches belly dancing, or any other form of dancing that interests you to get moving.

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