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The Life Sport is one of the best academy for Gymnastics Coaching in Pune. At Life Sports Gymnastics Academy in Pune, each student is trained diversion better and without limitations. We also help develop gymnasts with diverse skills.

While watching the gymnasts perform at the high levels, such as the Olympics or nationals, it’s easy to be amazed at how strong and flexible they are. Their raw physical strength, flexibility, power, agility, coordination, grace, balance and control required in gymnastics are not only impressive but also requires absolute dedication and focus to achieve this elite level.

We at Life Sports provide students with the right classes in Gymnastics which help them achieve their goals and strength.

Gymnastics have wonderful benefits few are listed below:-

  • Increased coordination
  • Stronger Bones
  • Better self-discipline
  • Increased cognitive skills
  • Increased self-esteem

The Life Sports in Pune offers state-of-art hall and all the up-to-date equipments for gymnastic classes. Special attention and care is given to the smaller kids at Beginner Levels. The Life Sports has a system of LEVELS viz. BEGINNERS, INTERMEDIATE and ADVANCE.

Every new admission is assessed by the team of coaches and they decide which Level should they be admitted to and what type of Gymnastics training classes should be provided to them. Utmost care and attention is given to the techniques, forms and posture of each aspirant.

A PROGRESS REPORT of each student is prepared and the Parents are involved in the progress discussion.

Right eating habits are crucial for delivering enhanced performance. Keeping this in mind, we have an in-house Nutritionist that will guide you to eat right and consume ENERGY FOODS. A detailed BMI report, micro-plan and daily food requirement are also provided. With the right training and gymnasium classes, we ensure to provide overall training and nutrition to each child.


Coaches are just fine. Can improve Infrastructure.

Isha Navave

To make boys do cart wheel, etc. but whatever taught is great and with patience. The new class looks

Tanush Nihalani

The coaches are good. So no suggestion.

Divya Dongare

Both are very good coaches. Parking and ladies toilet cleanliness.


The coaches are good.

Sumedha Ajit Sandbhor