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The Life Sports Academy is best Tennis Academy in Pune and Tennis Coaching Classes in Pune. We offer programs intended to coordinate each striving for tennis players require. The Life Sports has a full suite of projects from amateurs to the accomplished, from kids to grown-ups, and additionally private and semi-private exercises, corporate Tennis socials and court rentals. We have coaching classes for Tennis, Badminton and many more under one roof.

We specialize in Tennis Academy in Pune and Tennis Coaching Classes in Pune and surrounding with a professional coach. The Life Sports Tennis Academy in Pune is a well-known coaching hub for your children.

Tennis is a fast-paced game which involves a lot of physical strength, fast movements, and great cardio-vascular stamina.

Tennis has a number of benefits –

  • Lowering resting heart-rate and blood-pressure
  • Improved cardiovascular activity
  • Improved agility and physical strength
  • A great calorie-burning sport
  • Suitable for all age groups

The Life sports encourage to take up Tennis for adults along with children.

All the batches are uniquely categorized Level wise. Yes, we have Beginners, Intermediate and Advance batches where our team of coaches assess each student according to his caliber and is asked to admit to any one of the Levels. Our Tennis coach team is AITA certified and is highly experienced. They are focused and coach as per every Child’s capacity. A lot of care is taken of each students’ level of grasping and delivering his performance.

Tennis Coaching Classes in Pune is equipped with CLAY COURTS keeping in mind that clay courts are easy on the knees as against hard courts.

We also have separate Adult batches morning and evening.

To understand the performance graph better of each student, we have designed a PROGRESS REPORT SYSTEM, where our SPORTS COUNSELLORS discuss the performance and how can he make effective improvements.

Right eating habits are crucial for boosting performance. Keeping this in mind, we have an in-house Nutritionist where he will guide you to eat right, consume ENERGY FOODS. He shall give you your detailed BMI report, micro-plan your daily food requirements, etc.

We at “The life Sports” also hold Tournaments on regular basis for all our students, hold Special Tennis Camps, and also give ONE-ON-ONE COACHING for those who aim for competitive level training.


“The Life Sports is a very vibrant and active place with a friendly atmosphere. And it was great knowing Mr Ganesh Nimhan –The Founder of The Life Sports. His Dedication towards Sports and Health for the society is a very commendable factor.