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How does it work?

It is a tailor-made program designed according to an individual body structures & needs, considering the health goals & the challenges to achieve them.

9 members per trainer in each group, with personal attention to each & every members.

We provide BMI every month, health analysis & diet plan according to body structure, continuous support of nutritionist through WhatsApp & mails to achieve health goals.

Nutritionist counseling after 15 days by prior appointment.

60 mins circuit training, everyday new & exciting workout to improve flexibility, agility, stamina & strength to look young, feel great with more energy & confidence.

Well designed 60 min workout program to burn 500 to 700 calories, which melts fat, strengthens your core & improve flexibility for fit & toned body.

Members enrolling for 3 months get the benefits of Trim challenge. Each participant will get Rs 300 per every 1 kilo weight loss.

Intensity level

Swasthya the fitness fusion is a moderate interval workout. The intensity of the program varies low to high according to each person’s strength & stamina.

Areas it targets:

Core: yes, our well designed program emphasize the belly hips & midsection to help strengthen the core reducing back & spine problems, with a flat belly

Arms: it also targets arms i.e. biceps triceps, shoulders & lats for strength and toning.

Legs: yes the lunges & squats help work the quads & hamstring for more flexibility

Gluts: yes, you will feel difference in your buttocks while you do the workouts, improving the body posture.


1] Flexibility:  yes the workout includes breathing & stretching exercises were designed to enhance flexibility.

2] Aerobic: yes the high & low intensity makes an excellent cardiovascular workout, light on knees & spines.

3] Strength: yes, traditional workouts strengthening the core tones the body & builds muscles in the arm, legs & gluts.

What else should I know?

1] I have not done workout since long time? Can I join.?

A: yes, our moderate intensity workout designed according to each individual needs & goals

2] If I have spine problems, [back pain, knee pain, ] since many years, can I join?

A: yes you can, we have designed tailor-made program according to your health problems which cures it permanently

3] is it possible to reduce belly fat & hips?

A: yes, the targeted area of exercises & specialized nutritionist’s diet plan guaranties fat & inch loss.

4] I am looking for weight loss, how it will help me in my goals?

A: Yes, you can enroll to our Trim challenge program which guaranties weight loss & cash prize

of Rs 300 per kilo weight loss.

5] Can I get healthy lifestyle forever?

A: yes, our tailor-made diet & workout program to increase your flexibility, agility, stamina& strength to look young feel great about yourself.

The times have changed radically. An Indian woman is a no longer reconciled to her traditional role. As today you are leading on various fronts at your life as a housewife, mother, daughter and also professional & social activist, with great enthusiasm & lots of hard work, balancing your family & professional life.

But, you always put the health  on stake due to unhealthy diet pattern lack of exercise & stress, resulting  neck pain, back pain, obesity so on,

So now it’s time to rebuild the pillar of strength & to start the journey towards young, health & happy lifestyle.