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The word Karate has derived its name from the Japanese word meaning “empty hands”. Karate grew as a form of self-defence in the 17th century. We, at “The Life Sports” believe that both psychological and physical can be strengthened simultaneously and Karate is the best way to do that.

“The Life Sports” offer karate classes in Pune, which is a three months certified program. We have a trained coaching team and have uniquely categorized batches level wise. This program is designed for kids as well as adults.

Why choose karate?

  • Physical safety and health: Nowadays parents are worried mainly about two things: safety and physical health and enrolling kids for karate coaching will solve this problem to some extent

  • Determination to work towards your goals: Karate needs a lot of dedication and commitment to achieve the goals set by ourselves. There are different levels, and this motivates us to outgrow ourselves and achieve the targets

  • Increased self-esteem: When you are working on getting to the next level, you are working on your self-esteem as well. Karate develops the confidence to feel good about yourselves and create a positive impact on your life

  • Improves Teamwork: We at “The Life Sports” our activity-based curriculum help you shape your character in a better way and teaches the importance of working in a team.

There are many other benefits which karate coaching offers, like it helps you to decrease tension, stress, anxiety and depression. Join classes at “The Life Sports” in Pune and get rid of your day-to-day worries.